Elaboración de conservas de tomates y productos de tomates

The Oregon State University Extension Service offers a variety of food preservation and food safety publications. Many are downloadable/printable (pdf), free-of-charge, from the list below. Additional publications may be ordered and purchased from Extension and Experiment Station Communication's (EESC) Publications & Multimedia catalog.

Index to Extension Publications

Food Safety  Fruits  •Food Storage  •Jams & Jellies  •Emergency Preparedness  Pickling  •Drying Food  Tomatoes & Tomatillos Freezing & Refrigeration  •Vegetables  •Fish  •Miscellaneous General Publications  •Meat, Poultry & Game  Publications in Spanish

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Food Safety

Safely Canning foods: Pressure  Canners, Pressure Cookers, Electric Pressure Cookers EM9152 pdf
Raw Milk May Pose a Health Risk FDA Publication pdf
Food Safety Fact Sheet for Consumers OSU 10
You Can Prevent Foodborne Illness PNW 250
Using Preserved Foods Safely SP 50-494 pdf
Prevent Food Poisoning SP 50-660
Safety of Canned Food that Freezes
SP 50-695
E. Coli SP 50-747 pdf
It Must Have Been Something I Ate SP 50-784
Summer Food Safety SP 50-814
Food Irradiation SP 50-825 pdf
Kitchen Cleanliness SP 50-837 pdf
Food Safety Tips for Pregnant Women, Infants, & Young Children SP 50-838
Food Safety Tips for Older Adults SP 50-872 pdf
Food Safety Regulations SP 50-930
The Dangers of Raw Milk SP 50-932
Molds on Food: Are They Dangerous?
SP 50-934
Guidelines of using an Atmospheric Canner for Home Food Preservation SP 50-1004 pdf
Food Storage

Storing Vegetables & Fruits at Home EB 1326 pdf
Storing Pumpkin & Winter Squash
EC 1632 pdf
Vegetable Harvest & Storage LC 324 pdf
Storing Food for Safety & Quality PNW 612 pdf
Frozen Food Storage Guide SP 50-711
Recommended Storage Time SP 50-831
Storage of Grain & Legumes At Home SP 50-836
Dates on Food Products SP 50-877 pdf
Cost of Preserving and Storing Food SP 50-939 pdf
Emergency Preparedness

Food Storage for Emergencies SP 50-833
Water Storage for Emergencies SP 50-835
Drying Food

Harvesting, Handling, and Storing Nuts from the Home Orchard FS 146
Making Dried Fruit Leather FS 232
Treats From Your Food Dryer LC 40
Drying Fruits & Vegetables PNW 397 pdf
Build A Solar Dryer SP 50-532
Drying & Roasting Seeds SP 50-534
Enjoying Home Dried Fruits & Vegetables SP 50-587
Drying Herbs SP 50-921 pdf
Preserving Dried Beans
SP 50-955 pdf

Freezing & Refrigeration

Freezing Fruits & Vegetables PNW 214
Freezing Convenience Foods that You Prepared at Home
PNW 296
If Your Freezer Stops SP 50-470
Refrigerated Foods SP 50-540 pdf
Guidelines for Refrigeration of Food
SP 50-677
Foods that Do No Freeze Well SP 50-766 pdf

Handling Sport Caught Fish EC 1414
Issues Regarding Mercury in Pacific Northwest Seafood ORESU-G-04-003 pdf
Albacore Tuna: A Quality Guide for Off-the-Dock Purchasers ORESU-G-04-007 pdf
Pickling Fish & Other Aquatic Foods for Home Use PNW 183
Canning Seafood
PNW 194
Smoking Fish at Home Safely PNW 238 pdf
Home Canning of Smoked Fish Rvsd 2/2014
PNW 450
Home Freezing of Seafood PNW 586 pdf
Problems & Solutions: Meat, Poultry & Fish SP 50-741 pdf
Meat, Poultry & Game Food

Canning Meat, Poultry, & Game PNW 361 pdf
Big Game From Hunt to Home PNW 517 pdf
Making Jerky at Home PNW 632 pdf
Meat/Poultry Jerky SP 50-535
Curing & Smoking Poultry Meats SP 50-693
Summer Sausage Tips SP 50-735
Problems & Solutions: Meat, Poultry & Fish SP 50-741 pdf
Turkey Basics SP 50-1000 pdf

Fruit Varieties Suitable for Home Processing LC 80
Fresh Strawberries LC 81
Canning Fruit PNW 199 pdf
Fruit Butters SP 50-304
Preserving Peaches SP 50-444
Preserving Apples SP 50-446
Preserving Fruit Juices & Apple Cider SP 50-455
Making Maraschino Cherries SP 50-492
Wild Berries & Fruit SP 50-536
Preserving Plums & Prunes SP 50-586
Fruit Pie Fillings SP 50-616 pdf
Clear-Jel Ideas SP 50-710
Making Berry Syrups At Home SP 50-632
Preserving Figs SP 50-648
Preserving Pears SP 50-678
Canning Asian Pears SP 50-694
Fruit & Vegetable Yield Chart SP 50-712
Pressure Canning Fruits SP 50-716
Problems & Solutions: Canned Fruits & Tomatoes SP 50-743 pdf
Preserving Berries SP 50-780
Preserving Kiwi SP 50-832
Preserving Rhubarb SP 50-882 pdf
Preserving Cherries SP 50-883
Preserving Cranberries SP 50-929
Jams & Jellies

Herb Jellies LC 392 pdf
Fruit Butters SP 50-304 pdf
Low Sugar Jams & Jellies SP 50-456
Remaking Soft Jellies SP 50-604
Problems & Solutions: Jams & Jellies SP 50-746 pdf
Uncooked Freezer Jams
SP 50-763
Making Jams, Jellies & Fruit Spreads SP 50-764
Low Sugar Fruit Spreads SP 50-765
Jams, Jellies & Preserves w/No Added Pectin SP 50-777
Homemade Liquid Pectin SP 50-778

Pickled Eggs LC 53
Pickle Recipes LC 352
Pickling Vegetables PNW 355
Low Salt Pickles SP 50-533
Making Sauerkraut & Kraut Recipes SP 50-611
Problems & Solutions: Pickles & Relish SP 50-744 pdf
Problems & Solutions: Sauerkraut SP 50-745 pdf
Fruit Pickles & Chutney SP 50-757
Tomatoes & Tomatillos

Green Tomatoes LC 369 pdf
Canning Tomatoes & Tomato Products, revised 2015
PNW 300
Salsa Recipes for Canning, revised June 2014
PNW 395 pdf
Hot Chili & Salsa for Freezing SP 50-458
Problems & Solutions: Canned Fruits & Tomatoes SP 50-743 pdf
Tomatillos SP 50-768
Preserving Tomatoes
SP 50-920 pdf
The Laws of Salsa SP50-1003 pdf

Storing Pumpkin & Winter Squash at Home FS 230 pdf
Zucchini Recipes LC 70
Vegetable Harvest & Storage LC 324 pdf
Pumpkin Favorites LC 364 pdf
Canning Vegetables
PNW 172 pdf
Preserving Peas & Edible Pea Pods SP 50-305
Preserving Corn SP 50-443
Preserving Green, Italian, or Wax Beans SP 50-445
Preserving Summer Squash SP 50-447
Preserving Peppers SP 50-454
Preserving Garlic SP 50-645
Herbs & Vegetables in Oil
SP 50-701 pdf
Problems & Solutions: Canned Vegetables SP 50-742 pdf
Horseradish SP 50-793
Preserving Pumpkin & Winter Squash SP 50-767
Fruit & Vegetable Yield Chart SP 50-712
Preserving Rhubarb SP 50-882 pdf
Preserving Mushrooms
SP 50-919 pdf
Miscellaneous General Publications

Where to get your pressure canner tested in Oregon   pdf
Ingredient Substitutions HE-198 pdf
Homemade Breads Quick-n-Easy LC 504 pdf
Use A Meat Thermometer (USDA) LC 636
Using & Caring for Your Pressure Canner PNW 421
Fresh Cheese Made Safely PNW 539
Making Garlic and Herb-Infused Oils at Home PNW 664 pdf
Tips for Reducing Sugar in Food Preservation SP 50-303
Canning Equipment SP 50-495
Preserving Food With Help from Your Microwave SP 50-538
Preserving for Special Diets
SP 50-646
Pressure Canner Use and Care SP 50-649 pdf
Flavored Vinegars
SP 50-736
Tips for Healthy, Thrifty Meals SP 50-873 pdf
Dates on Food Products SP 50-877 pdf
Canned Lemon Curd
SP 50-922 pdf
Food Preservation Resources
SP 50-923 pdf
Canning Soups SP 50-931
Home Pasteurization of Raw Milk SP 50-932 pdf
Shipping Foods SP 50-933
Sweeteners: Nutritive and Non-Nutritive SP50-935 pdf
Processing in a Canner SP 50-946 pdf
How Much to Can SP 50-947 pdf
Farm Direct Value Added-A Resource Guide to Making and Selling Food in Oregon   pdf
Publications in Spanish

Guardado de frutas en conserva PNW 199-S pdf
Elaboración de conservas de tomates y productos de tomates PNW 300-S pdf
Queso Fresco Hecho Saludable PNW 539-S
Racetas para el Envasado de Salsas PNW 395-S pdf
Preparación del Pavo SP50-880S pdf


Problems & Solutions: Meat, Poultry & Fish SP 50-741 pdf
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